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IMPORTANT: If you're here because it hurts that schoolwork is taking up all your free time, leaving you with no energy for anything meaningful to you, this is for you. If you're here because it hurts to think, then please go and do your homework - you deserve every last hour of it.

How to cheat on tests

DISCLAIMER: Anyone using these tips does so AT THEIR OWN RISK. What that means is, don't blame me if you get caught. Also, some teachers might be aware of these tips, and may even be on the lookout for cheaters (duh). Keep in mind that a teacher could access this page just as easily as you can... Anything that involves writing on yourself or anything you're wearing is generally more risky, so watch out. Many people have been caught writing on their arms, so I would advise you not to do that.


Hiding Notes
Tips for hiding notes (on yourself, your clothes, your stuff, or places nobody has ever dared to go).

Scantron Cheating
Tips for cheating scantrons.

Team Cheating
Tips for working together with friends to cheat.

Advanced hiding tips
Things to do to make your notes less obvious.

Other cheating methods
Other methods that don't involve hiding notes anywhere.

General cheating tips
General things that should help you go unnoticed.

Advanced hiding tips

The Code:
Use with any of these other tips. Basically, you write your notes in a "code" that only you can understand. Of course this means you need to KNOW your code well enough so that you don't spend a long time figuring out what you wrote :) The best part about it is even if the teacher catches you cheating, they'll have no proof since nobody will be able to read your notes.

The Decorative Code:
This is used best when written in code, and if you really need a LOT of notes with you. Write all your notes, in code, with permanent pen or paint, all over something you can take with you to class. Try to write in patterns in some kind of creative way, so if a teacher asks you what it is you can say it's just meaningless decoration or something. You can remove ink with alcohol to re-use it (if it's plastic) for the next test. Just try to get the patterns the same again, or your constantly-changing 'decorations' could get teachers suspicious :) Ideas for decoratable objects include pencil cases, t-shirts, binders, suitcases/bags, hats... tell me if you think of others :) A pencil case saved my ass in a big nasty exam (in college actually) once. It still has its 'decorations' today.

Weird Fonts:
Submitted by beege
For multiple choice tests (if you can get the answers early), type and print out the answers in some weird symbol font like Webdings. Put a "key" on the top of the page - "a, b, c, d" in webdings font so that you can remember which is which.

Submitted by 1337 h4x0r
write down all your notes in 1337!
A=4 G=6 o=0
B=8 i=! S=5
E=3 L=1 T=7
Notes in leet are hard to understand.
N0735 !n 1337 4r3 h4rd 70 Und3r574nd

Other cheating methods

Drop your pen on the ground, and when you go pick it up, "accidentally" look at someone else's paper and get an answer from them.

Look around the room (if you're writing the test in the room you normally have the subject in). Posters on the walls, books, things like that might give you clues.

When you don't know the answer to a question (for like English or Humanities tests) - BE AS VAUGE AS POSSIBLE. This way the teacher can't count it wrong and you can explain your answer later when you know what it is. -(Liz)

Cheating Tips:

General strategy, submitted by e.t.
(For small note sheets) Put your notes under the left hand side of the test so that sheet is halfway in and out. Use your left hand to cover it by making a "L" shape with your hand (all four fingers slightly vertical so that fingertips touching test while palm touching surface of desk, thumb horizontal) so that the crib note is covered partially by your thumb and your four fingers are blocking your teachers view from seeing the sheet making it look like your just holding your paper while writing. Whenever you need to look at it, simply take your left thumb and slide it out while the teacher is sitting down/distracted. When he/she is walking around slide it 5/6th way under the test and completely cover it with your hand so you cant see it unless you took your hand off the test and pretend like your writing. Whenever you need to look at the sheet, pretend like your writing on the left part of your paper near the sheet and while pretending to write, move your thumb so it slides out and then once your done with your 3 second glance look, slide it back in and write.

Make sure nobody is looking when you cheat. Including the person next to you, UNLESS you know that they cheat too or have nothing against it.

Watch your teacher! When the teacher is turned away or occupied, do the cheat or whisper to a friend for help.

Do the cheat quickly without interruptions.

Don't look puzzled or confused, or the teacher might get suspicious.

Don't tell anyone that you cheat, except maybe really close friends.

Use notes you made yourself rather than other people's. The reason is that if you make them yourself, you'll know better where you wrote what, so you'll be able to cheat quicker instead of searching for stuff.

When you want to help a friend out whos sitting next to you, pretend to drop your pencil and when you lean over to get it, 'accidentally' push your paper to the end of your desk so your friend can see it without straining obviously. -(Liz)

If it's a big test and you need lots of notes, use more than one of these tips at the same time and spread out your notes that way. The "advanced" code tips tend to work well.

Good Luck, be careful. If you've got a good strategy idea you want to add, contact me.

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If you have school phobia (fear of school), go here and here.

TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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