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A True American's Guide to Success in Lower Education
Peregrinus Jupiter

15 July, 1992

"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life..." --Henry David Thoreau, `Walden'

It is to this spirit of life that this file is dedicated. Education, in its purest and most noblest form happens all the time, and most real education happens when we put all the frivolities of the world aside and look life smack in the face. It was Socrates who said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So therefore, if you are reading this file to avoid gaining the understanding of life that makes us human, go jump off a cliff.

Education involves reading and thinking and observing and confronting. The process of gaining a true education is a source of true ecstacy for the spirit. It's an ecstacy that drugs or alcohol cannot approximate. Gaining a true education can also be disturbing. You may discover that you are not who you thought you were; that other things are not what you thought they were. Fundamental and unalterable concepts which guided your life since you sucked the milk from your mother's breasts may suddenly dissolve. You may find yourself soaring to the heights of Olympus on the breath of Truth or you may find yourself throuwn against the brick wall of nihilism. But one thing is for certain: you will not die without having lived.

Ok, I think that was enough Jack Handey to scare off the undesirables. Now I'll get to the point of all this. The very institution which is the arbiter of education in our society -- school -- has little to do with true education. Even the best schools infringe on the true exploration of the truths of the Universe, and the worst...well, exhibit more than a utilitarian interest in Truth and be labelled a nerd or a geek and be shoved into a locker. Don't let them kid you; school is a Behemoth which is engulfing humanity one spirit at a time.

So to get right to it, this file will give you some advice on how to spend as little time on school as you possibly can, and leave as much time as possible for your real education. There are some quick tricks involved, but these are few. The real way to go about things is image projection. This file will help you learn to project the images you need to to turn things your way and get out of wasting more time than you need to on fulfilling the requirements of school, while getting good grades. I'll use myself as an example. Although I did less work than almost everyone in my class, I graduated third in my class, got a fistful of awards, got over $12,000 in scholarship money and will be attending an Ivy League school next year. So NYAH to you!

Ok, before we get started, there's just a few things...

1.) I sure as hell hope you're smart. Don't try to pull this off if you're not. Seriously: following the advice this file gives is not easy. You'll most likely get yourself into some sticky situations, and you'd better be able to bullshit your way out of them.

2.) Start as early as you can at a particular school. The worst-case scenario in the public schools, where you're labelled one way or the other since kindergarten. A good time to start following this advice is about the beginning of sophomore year in high school. If you're younger than that, I doubt you have the ability to put into practice these directives.

3.) If you can't see yourself doing these things, don't. It's as simple as that. Don't try to fake it, you'll just have to study like everyone else.

Ok, let's go.

"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." "Those who can't teach, teach gym." (corellary)

Why do teachers teach? It's not for the money, that's for sure. We'll separate teachers into three classes:

TYPE A: Up-and-comings. These teachers don't like teaching. They're using it as a stepping stone to a brilliant career in another field, more often than not one their parents pushed them into. Sometimes they majored in something ludicrous in college and have nothing else to do with the degree. Eventually if they keep teaching they may evolve into types B or C. These can be difficult ones to play. As a general rule, the smarter they are, the better off you are.

TYPE B: Assholes. No other field in the world other than education would put up with these people. If you get the feeling that a particular teacher is in it just because they have a compulsive need to pick on you, they're probably type B. Anal-retentives, shop teachers, gym teachers, and like fit in here. Don't fuck with these people at first. When you're good at what you're doing, these will be the easiest type to play. But for now, lay off them.

TYPE C: "Quality-teachers." Christa McAulliffe types. These are the jackpot. They are in it because they are devoted to learning and education and the like. These are the people who could teach at Universities if they wanted to, but they don't. THey teach honors courses. With just a little work, you can play these types like a fiddle. Oh, and if they graduated during the sixties, man o MAN you're gonna have some fun.

Marvelous. Now, what's the point of breaking down all your teachers into three groups? Damned if I know. But in general, you should get inside the mind of all your teachers. Find out how they think. Find out what moves them. Find the skeletons in their closets. Do some good clean Freudian analysis. Do this even before you get them. If you're aspiring to the Ivy League or to a good college, try to get Type C teachers. Chances are, if a course is taught by a Type B person, that's not the type of course that will help you in your application. If you find that you like taking shop and gym and home economics, Godspeed and hope you enjoy East Bumfuck Community College!

Dandy. I'm scaring off people by the millions. If you're left, hello. I like you. Let's get to work.

The first rule that you must learn is: Teachers give smart kids good grades.

Let's dissect the sentence.

TEACHERS... yeah, the guy with the suspenders and tie at the front of the class pretending to be a professional.

SMART KIDS. Hold on a minute. You know that girl in your class that studies 40 hours a week, gets all A's, everyone expects to go to Harvard, never gets a date in her life? You know her? (Let's call her Mary; she's probably a virgin...) She's not smart. She thinks an A+ on the report card is the meaning of life. She WORKS for her grades. If you want to work for your grades, by all means do so. You don't need this textfile.

Now're smart. You know you are. You're not interested in anal- retentive little details. You're a "deep thinker." You see things other people don't. You understand yourself better than other people do. You're often spaced out. You have a lot of good horse sense. Oh, and you're reading this textfile. There, that proves it.

GIVE...Mary earns her grades. You're not interested in earning your grades. You want teachers to GIVE them to you.

GRADES...Those oppressive little marks which will dictate the rest of your life. That fact that you're about to cheat your way around them proves they are lousy.

Teachers give smart kids good grades. It's quite simple.

Now wait a minute, you're saying. Why haven't I been getting good grades then?

Quite simply, your teachers don't know you're smart.

We're going to change that.

You see, everything has to do with image projection. Your teachers don't know you. They only know the image you project in school. So if you can convince smart, you'll get good grades. Why? Because your Type C teachers are smart too! You're the reason they went IN to teaching in the first place. They WANT to give you good grades.

Albert Einstein was undoubtedly one of the most brilliant people to ever live. He saw things back in 1905 that have since proven to be true, but that no one since can even understand.

Albert Einstein used to show up for work wearing his pajamas. Why? He was so preoccupied with larger things he'd forget to change his clothes.

You are smart. You're like Albert Einstein. Einstein forgot to bring his suit and tie to work. You forget to bring your homework. Why? You're mind is on bigger things.

Einstein went to work in his pajamas. Einstein won the Nobel Prize.

You see, the Nobel Committee was willing to overlook the fact that Einstein went to work in his pajamas because he was SO smart he didn't have time to think about his clothes. Likewise, your teachers won't care if you don't do your homework...IF they think you also have your mind occupied with bigger and better things.

So, here's how to go about it.

DATELINE: DAY 1. The first day of school. Lovely, lovely. Teachers get awful sentimental about the first day of school. They've got a fresh new crowd of the *FUTURE OF AMERICA* sitting there waiting for their every word. So don't disappoint them! Sit in the front row! Let them see the admiration and wonder in your eyes. When Mary starts to take notes, take out the notebook (in good academic form) but don't take notes. Remember, you're too smart to worry about taking notes. Just sit and gaze at the teacher, and follow what he says. Make eye contact. Be interested in what he wants you to be interested in. Make him feel like the $20,000 a year is worthwhile. After class, don't rush off. Stay and ask a question. Some suggestions:

ENGLISH: I was just interested in how the Department came up with this particular reading list...

AMERICAN HISTORY: (laugh) I was just wondering if you think we'll make it to the Vietnam War this year.

EUROPEAN HISTORY: I was just wondering if the course would be covering Post- World War II history as well.

AFRICAN HISTORY/WORLD CULTURES: [What the fuck are you taking a politically course like that for? I sure as hell hope it's required!]

CALCULUS: What exactly ARE the diffences between the AB and BC Calculus exams. (Question sure to follow: Are you interested in taking the BC exam?) Answer: Oh, maybe, I'll have to see. I do really well with the larger concepts, (laugh) but my downfall is the addition and subtraction. (i.e., I'm so concerned with the larger theories of calculus I don't have time for addition and subtraction...)

PRE-CALCULUS: Does this course include all the material in the trigonometry course?

TRIGONOMETRY: I hate to go off on a tangent, but will you cosine this? (Trust me, they LOVE this one!)

GEOMETRY: Will we also be doing non-Euclidean geometry?

FRENCH (beginning course): I heard that French is harder than Spanish... Why is that?

FRENCH (advanced course): (laugh) So, are we reading Proust this year?

SPANISH (beginning course): Do they teach the Castillian or the Latin-American pronunciation in this school?

SPANISH (advanced course): (laugh) So, are we reading Cervantes this year?

GERMAN: Will we be doing a unit on the old German alphabet?

RUSSIAN: Do you know if there are word processor programs for the Cyrillic alphabet?

ITALIAN: [What the hell are you taking Italian for?]


LATIN (beginning course): Is the syntax of the sentences in this text based on the Classical syntax, like Wheelock?

LATIN (advanced course): Why are are we studying (A) and not (B). [For A and B substitute Caesar, Ovid, Cicero, Horace, Catullus]

ANCIENT GREEK: How long does it generally take to adjust to the alphabet?

ART OF ANY TYPE: [These teachers are Arch-Type C's: you can bullshit about ANYTHING!]


BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY: How much laboratory work will there be?

PHYSICS: Will we be studying primarily Classical Physics or Quantum as well?

GYM: [This is a special case. DON'T stick around to ask a question. Grunt like a savage as you dash for the showers.]

OTHER: [Use your imagination!]

These types of questions are a good way to get a consistent dialogue going between you and your teacher. This dialogue is ESSENTIAL!!!!! Talk you your teachers as often as you can! Discuss the subject and discuss your own reaction to it. Look as if the things you are learning are REALLY affecting you. And keep asking these questions all the time...

DATELINE: 1.5 WEEKS. Now's the time to catch your teacher aside. Look concerned. Something's not going right. "Hmm...this is kind of hard to say. I'm kind of worried about the direction things are going in in class. I mean, I can see what you're trying to do....[talk about something the teacher has been trying to get across] but I'm not sure everyone is picking up on it. (shrug) I dunno...maybe I get too worried..." Here's where it's started. You look deeply concerned about the direction of things. "Gee," thinks the teacher, "this kid is losing sleep over my class. He must be smart!" This will be the first of your "transcendental" dialogues. Again, here are some examples that worked.

ENGLISH: "I don't know, I guess it's just that I'm worried that everyone in the class is getting so caught up in the details that we're all missing the point. I mean this is an AMAZING piece of Literature and I think that that's being lost by some of us." [Note: don't imply that this is the teacher's fault, just make it look like you are lamenting a sad fact of society....]

PHILOSOPHY: "I don't know, I guess it's just that I think that we can all be so sure of ourselves that we refuse to accept what [name of philosopher] is trying to tell us. I mean, to gain a real understanding of what he's trying to way, I think you have to take a great deal on faith to get beyond that.....[grope for the right word].... superficial understanding..."

CALCULUS: "Hmm....Some kids in the class had a rough go of things in Pre-Cal last year, and some of us are worried if that's likely to slow us up. Or is this year's course pretty independent of that...?"

Anyway, you get the point. You're two weeks in, and you've already been noticed by your teacher. You're the kid in the class who is affected by what's going on. You're moved by it. You're disturbed when it doesn't go right. You're always wondering about the philosophical rammifications of things. You're in Physics? Suddenly, everything you study changes your perception of the universe. TALK about these things with your teacher. Be a teacher's pet....not by getting perfect grades like Mary, but by being the type of student your Type C teacher always dreamed about teaching; the type of student they once were. Plus, you're setting yourself up to save your ass later.

OK, so now you're a month in and you're bored of studying. Good for you. Get on with the rest of your life. The teacher loves you. So you can taper off with studying and doing your homework. However, you always have to make it look like you are being more and more affected by what you are studying. (By the end of the year you will be acting like Einstein if all goes well...)

Here's where the good acting comes in. You HAVE to be messy! Mary is neat. You are too smart to worry about keeping your papers in order. So LOOK messy. Have your papers all over the place. Have your homework that first month...but when they ask for it, purposely take longer and longer to find it. When they ask where it is, look through the pages of your copy of Scientific American and `Beyond Good and Evil' before finding it tucked away on Page 156 of `A Brief History of Time.' All the while, you have to look INCREDIBLY confused, like Einstein fumbling with his pajamas in front of the Nobel Committee. If the teacher makes a comment about organization, shrug. laugh, and say `I know, I know... I always try to organize things but I always have so much on my mind I forget where things are. One time I spent an hour looking for a set of keys I had in my right hand..." Therefore, deep into month 2 when you start showing up WITHOUT your homework, it won't surprise them. They'll just assume you have it somewhere. In fact, if you do enough fumbling and rustling to disturb the class, they'll probably VOLUNTEER that you turn it later. Neato. As I say, you can't go whole hog right away with being irresponsible; you've got to work up to it.

Ok, now we've got some other aspects of your personality to develop. Firstly, you're going to portray yourself as a Messiah-figure. Except you're not saving the world: you're saving your school. How do you do this? Pick an extracurricular activity with some level of importance to it. Any school publication is best; since journalism seems to carry with it this whole attitude of saving the ignorant masses. I've had whole goddamn TESTS delayed as much as 4 days just because I was busy with the school newspaper. Other good choices are student government, debating society, National Honor Society, and the like. No one's going to forgive you if you sacrifice your own grades in the name of the Chess Team, so be sure that what you do has some high-falootin' airs about it. Also, you can't just act dedicated, you've got to be a goddamn martyr. If you fuck up a test, approach the teacher afterwards and say, "I'm sorry about the way things have been going for me. It's just that the newspaper is in serious danger of folding up altogether, and that would be a disaster for the way things are around here..." Man, you've GOT to attach this serious importance to what you are doing. Oh, and by the way, pick one thing. A teacher will forgive you for martyring yourself for one cause, but he will not let you off the hook for a mediocre interest in 10 causes.

Ok, another thing: You've got to appear in frail health all the time. Ways to do this: During a lecture, hold your head betweem your hands and try to work up a sweat. Act dead exhausted. If you're daring, you could even conspicuously pop a Tylenol. If the teacher asks "are you feeling ok?" you've hit the jackpot. Say "oh, yeah, I'll be fine, I think maybe I'm not getting enough sleep. Maybe I'm not getting enough fresh air..." Voila! Act like this often. And linger after class. If the teacher says "Why aren't you getting enough sleep?" here's the time to act the martyr. "I was so late here with the newspaper yesterday that I had to stay up all night to finish my homework." They'll love you for that one. If you have an arch-type C like a good English, Art, or Philosophy teacher, this one is a gem: "I was up `till 4 a.m. last night reading [insert name of a pillar of Western Literature]; it was just so...I don't know....I couldn't stop reading it." If they buy this one, you'll have them eating out of the palm of your hand for weeks to come.

Benefits of "frail health?"

A.) "I was too sick last night to finish my homework." Do this one BEFORE school, not during class when it is collected. Also, NEVER negotiate with a teacher like this during class because they always have a point to prove. If you have been successful in portraying yourself as sickly, they will believe this one, and will give you extra time to do it. Act concerned as hell: "Will I be able to follow along in class today without having done it? Maybe I start it at lunch..." Inevitable response "Oh, no, don't do that, I'm sure you'll be fine..."

B.) Time off! Yes, you can stay out sick long and often and no one will get suspicious. Sick days are an excellent time to do an entire semester's worth of homework. This is a good time to mention that if you turn in something wicked late, they will be less nit-picky about the actual content than they would have if you had handed it in on time. Why? Because they are bored with the subject and they have their minds on current things.

C.) Chicken Out! If you have to be in school for something in the morning but have a test on which you haven't studied in the afternoon, go home sick! It won't surprise anyone. They won't get suspicious. Exception: Public School Nurses. These people are trained to harrass the ill: "What's the matter? Why are you going home? What are you trying to get out of? A test?" Now, you have to play the supplicant with your teachers, but DO NOT TAKE SHIT FROM YOUR SCHOOL NURSE. If the school nurse even suggests that you are going home because of trying to get out of a test, GIVE THAT LADY THE WRATH OF GOD! Even threaten to report her to whoever sounds threatening. Oh, and by the way, no matter what the school nurse tries to pull, she HAS to let you go home. And if you're daring, this line will shut the lady up permanently: if she says what are you doing, going home to get out of a test? say this: "No, the Xanex my psychiatrist gave me is so strong I can hardly stand up straight..." That will shut the bitch up AWFUL quick...and most likely for good!

That's an excellent bridge into our next aspect of your character: you have to always seem on the verge of a nervous breakdown. There are few things in the world that could make teachers feel more guilty than causing you a nervous breakdown. And don't let them assume that it's family trouble or something like that. Be sure they know that your martyrdom is the cause. Strike up one of those incessant "transcendental" conversations and tell them: "Between all the problems of the school here I lose sleep over, and keeping my own head above the water, I always feel like I'm about to go nuts!" Well, you're the pet student, so they wouldn't want THAT to happen. Result: they back off...and you get good grades for being a martyr. Reason: martyrs are smart! Martyrs see things other people don't; therefore they are willing to sacrifice themeselves for those things. Act as if you're the only one who sees what a shithole your school is, and act as if because you see this you've GOT to change things even if it means putting yourself out. The teachers will admire you to DEATH for that... And plus, going crazy is also in their minds further confirmation that you are smart.

Also, here's one that never fails: With Arch-Type C's such as English, Art, and Philosophy teachers, make it look like the LITERATURE is driving you crazy! Let me tell you an example of what I pulled off once:

The assignment was to read a certain amount of Philosophy and then do a report on it. Well, I caught the teacher beforehand and told him that the reading we did was so mind-blowing I couldn't even DEAL with it last night, never mind doing a report on it. All I could do is go out for a walk and try to grapple with it. Result: I got a few extra days to do it and got a better grade than I would have. And here is a perfect example of why you have to have them CONVINCED that you are smart. If the class clown tried to pull this off, the teacher would in so many words tell him to fuck off.

What will all of these things (the Messiah, Sick, and Crazy characters) also do for you? It will convince them that you are not lazy. If they find out that you are lazy, you've blown it and you'll have to study for a while to convince them differently.

Now, then. DATELINE: 2.5 MONTHS. They love you. You've earned yourself an unprecendented amount of freedom to get away with shit. So use it! Here's how...

(All of these tricks and hedges are tried and true and have been tested in the field. And they work!)

Problem: Test coming up. You have no idea WHAT the hell is going on. Solution: Get the test put off a few days. Approach the teacher outside of class and say, "The class picked me to come and speak to you about this test coming up. Some of them are worried that we're not going to be ready for it..." Notice you're placing the blame on everyone else. Your Type-C teacher is far too tactcful to ever mention the conversation with your classmates, so you're safe. Be sure to mention a few things that "they" (read `you') are clueless about. Success rate: putting off a test is a big order, consequently this one works about 50% of the time, but it's worth the try.

Problem: Teacher collects paper. You didn't do it. Solution: Hand in another paper! Strange but true! Chances are they won't notice while they are collecting it. If they do, you can just act like Einstein in his pajamas and "search" like crazy for it through your disorganization. Later, when you have the paper done, (the range on this is short, say the next morning) inconspicuously shove the paper in a pile of the teacher's shit when he ain't looking. Better yet, if your teacher has a folder for each class he teacher, put it in another folder so he later thinks he misplaced it. When the teacher notices he has a paper for another class, you can just say you handed that paper in with the other one accidentally. Incidentally, if you get nabbed messing through the teacher's shit, tell the "truth." Say you noticed that you had handed in the wrong paper. You were just leaving the real paper for the teacher. Also, use a sense of urgency by saying "Actually, do you have the paper I accidentally gave you yesterday? I have to hand that in today!" Adds a bit of credibility to the story. Also, when you are doing late papers, be SURE to put the proper date on it! A paper that's 3 weeks late is worthless if you dated it yesterday. Success rate: 90%

Problem: You have to hand in a large paper, but you're not done with it yet. Solution: Hand in half the paper! Just stick the second half in with the teacher's shit later. Chances are, when the teacher gets to yours, he'll go looking for the rest of it, and if he finds it, no problem! Be sure in the second half of your paper to put a staple in the top left hand corner, then pull it out to make a hole, thereby making it look like the two halves got separated. Success rate: Has yet to fail.

Problem: Teacher gives an assignment, says "No late papers accepted." Solution: I have never seen a teacher who threatens "no late papers accepted" follow through on it. It's a bluff. But anyway, here's what to do. Put the paper on the floor. Step on it. Crinkle it a bit. Then shove it under the teacher's desk. He will think he dropped it. Success rate: Has yet to fail.

Excuses: Here are some excuses for not having homework, if your teacher is inclined to accept them:

Math assignment: "I left it tacked to my bulletin board." This is such a wacky yet simple excuse that they will believe it! Most likely they will say "What the hell did you tack it to your bulletin board for?" and you will have a perfect opportunity to construct a wacky story. Remember, the more details you give, the more believable the story. And remember, with this, as with ALL excuses, DO IT BEFORE SCHOOL. They have something to prove during class time and will not let you off the hook then.

Written assignment: "My printer broke. However, I have a copy of it here on disk. (hold up floppy) I will give it to you if you like." This is a ballsy bluff, and they will NEVER call you on it. Teachers get put off by computers more often than not, so they will not only sympathise with you, but they won't want to touch your disk. In case they do take it, use a defective one, so if they do go and put it in and get "General error reading drive A:" they will feel chagrinned as hell and will probably think they wrecked it. Success rate: 95% first time, decreases sharply each time you use it.

Many schools have a time card punch in the front office. Many teachers make use of this, saying, "the paper is due at the end of the day, so stamp the paper with the time and then put it in my mailbox." This is a gift. Write up a title page, stamp the title page, then relax. Take a trip to Disney World. When you come back, write the paper, staple it to the stamped title page, and leave it in the mailbox of a department chair with a LOT of mail. (Oh, yeah, be sure the teacher's name is also on the title page.) Eventually, the department chair will forward it to your teacher and say "I don't know how this got in my mailbox." If they ask you, shrug and say I gave it to the secretary at the front desk. Success rate: Has yet to fail.

Other hints:

Fake a nervous breakdown. Go to your teachers for help.

Make your teachers fight over you. Hell, you're a valuable resource, aren't you, being a Messiah for the school. If one teacher gets on your back, complain that another teacher is driving you crazy and generally fucking up your life. Be gutsy about it. For you to sit and basically call a colleague of theirs a jerk is VERY, VERY fulfilling for them. Be harsh. But don't whine. Once in a while, hand in a stunning paper. When the teacher comments how wonderful it was, don't say "Yes, I tried really hard." Say "Yeah, Mr. So-and-so finally got off my back." You've just earned yourself some more freedom...

Are you getting the hang of things? Teachers play on a certain level. They love to lord over students. You can play on their level, too! They love that, really! Eventually, if they catch on to what you are doing, they WON'T EVEN CARE! I had one English teacher who had a very strict policy on tardiness of assignments. If you handed in things late, you lost credit. Well, I used all these tricks on that teacher. I never handed in a paper on time, but I never lost credit. Later, a year after I had him, he told me that he knew my tricks all along. Well, I was embarassed: BUT HE STILL NEVER TOOK OF CREDIT! So I had the last laugh!

Treat your teachers like colleagues. Teacher's don't try to fuck over their colleagues, so they won't try to fuck you over. Treat them like professionals! Take an interest in the politics of the teachers in the school. Most students have an "us versus them" view of teachers. What you have to realize is that teachers are not a unified front. They sit and argue and bitch and fuck each other over as much as students do. A lot of teachers hate each other ardently. The difference is, students are open about their squabbles whereas teachers hide them to maintain the students' respect for the faculty. So talk to your teachers. Find out what's going on. They will confide in you. They will treat you like a player.


Happy hunting!


You've taken my advice to heart. You're doing shit for work and riding the gravy train. Now you've got a lot of free time. So what should you do?

- Sleep zzZzzZZZzzzzZzzzZZzz

- Peruse the great works of Western Literature

- Play practical jokes

- Watch a video of Richard Wagner's epic "Der Ring des Nibelungen." At 17 hours, it's a great way to kill time and experience a fucking awesome work of art. I recommend the Metropolitan Opera production.

- Call The Works! (See ad below)

- Become a Warez d00d.

- Spy on your neighbors.

- Watch cartoons.

- Crank call your teachers.

- Watch Congress on C-SPAN for an entire day. This will PISS YOU OFF!

- Hang out with the dregs in Harvard Square. (MA residents only.)

- Conduct a fake Gallup poll. Call a random guy, ask him 4 questions about politics, then for question 5 ask "Do you douche?"

- Visit a tot lot.

- Buy some CD's.

- Learn German.

- Construct an atomic bomb. There are plenty of textfiles to help.

- Read some erotic poetry. Suggestion: John Donne

- Read some eroric prose. Suggestion: Guy de Maupassant

- Read some Nietzsche.


Also sprach Jupiter.



From: Kae
I read your 'Making Teachers Give You Good Grades' article and strangely enough it sounds exactly like what I do and have bee doing nearly every single day of my school career... except for the fact that I don't have to fake frail health or nervous breakdowns because I actually have them on a regular basis but yes, they do come in extreme handy as well as the whole Martyr thing. Awesome work. Here's a tip that me and my mother came up with together actually, she's a mastermind when it comes to cheating the system(taught me everything she knows):
It helps if you have a cooperative or incredibly dumb parent or are even an independant student that can sign your own notes. My mom tends to call in 'sick' for me a lot and it gets me out of many tests and assignments, and she even wrote me a note that I then delivered to my math teacher when he expected my class to do pages and pages of homework everynight and then hand it all in to be marked on how many right answers we got which is completely unfair so we told him that homework should be for practice and you should not be evaluated on something that you have never done before... that's what tests are for is to evaluate you on what you have learned, not homework to do the same as you learn it. Anyways, get a parent (or friend) to write a similar note and it can get you out of homework, especially math. If you are especially talented you may not even need the note but it does make it easier because teachers are suckers for hard copy. I was fortunate to have the same math teacher for two years straight so I got out of ever doing homework in that class for two years straight. (Math Honors) Although, if you do get out of homework this way then make sure you are smart enough to pass the tests or use some of your time that you have saved not doing the homework studying for said tests. This teacher probably falls into the Type B category which made it particularly amusing to challenge him at anything because when he went to prove he wasn't wrong then it would take up most of the class.

If you want to know the true sinister purpose of public schools, go here and here.

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TEACHERS: If you're a teacher who has come here to find out how to catch cheaters, Hi! May I suggest that, just for a minute, you consider to find out why they cheat, rather than how. It may help to broaden your understanding of the matter.

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